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Did you work abroad? Did you pay taxes? YES?

Then Dendax will help you to

- Get your taxes back
- Get child benefits for your kids
- Get back payments for social benefits 

Dendax is operating since 1999, with more than 80.000 clients.


- Free online calculation
- Easy online registration
- No Payment in advance, you pay only when you receive your money.

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Calculation is free, you pay only when you get a tax refund or social insurance


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About Dendax

Dendax - your tax refund partner

Our History
Dendax is a company which has been operating in the field of international tax refunds since 1999. The company was founded in Prague, Czech Republic, by a team of tax and financial service experts. We have grown through out the years and gathered unbeatable experiences in the field of international law and legislation, and now specialize in the field of income tax and concentrate on the needs of the taxpayers in Europe and overseas.
We began by providing a tax refund service from only a few countries but have quickly expanded our portfolio, and now deal with over 21 countries. Our experience through out the years has enabled us to develop a unique tax refund system. It combines detailed knowledge of the local tax laws and rates, refundable taxes from different countries, deadlines and local specifics. In addition we use the latest IT technology and we constantly analyze the market for specific trends for the needs and requirements of our global customer – the taxpayer, in order to give you the best deal possible.

Dendax now
Dendax now operates internationally and offers its services to hundreds of partners and thousands of happy clients each year. With our 18 years of experience in the market, we are one of the leading companies in the industry who specialize in providing the best valued tax refund service at a reasonable price. Our team of international experts put forth all the effort possible in the development of the company with the vision of becoming the leaders in tax refunds.
Our organizational structure consists of the following departments: Customer Support, Income Tax Refund Processing, Research and Development, Accounting and Finance, Programming, and Human Resources and Marketing.

Our Services
Dendax now provides income tax refund services from the USA, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Australia, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Malta, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Slovakia, Austria, Estonia, Norway, Poland, Finland and Iceland. We offer a complete service which includes preparing tax returns according to the requirements of the local tax authorities, filing annual tax returns, and tax refund claims. Furthermore we have developed a strong relationship with tax offices including the - IRS, HMRC, Ireland Inland Revenue, Canada Revenue Agency, Agenzia Entrate.
Dendax provides also additional services to meet all clients' needs. We now offer child benefit refunds from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Italy and The Netherlands, as well as pension, Superannuation and FICA payment refunds from Australia, Austria, Germany and the USA.
Our competitive advantage is an easy tax refund service, which includes a comprehensive tax return preparation, immediate processing, and filing of your tax claim. At Dendax we strive to treat each client with respect and pay close attention to the needs of each individual's problem. We pride ourselves in building strong relationships with our customers which in turn has allowed us to see customers coming back to do business with us again.

Our mission
We aim to be leaders in the tax refund industry and will achieve this by constantly improving the quality of the service we offer by training our staff to the best of our ability. By offering the fastest tax refund service, the lowest fees, and the highest tax refund amount than our competition, and being fully committed to every customer whether you are an individual or an organization, this allows us to aim to offer the best service no matter where you are from!