Social Responsibility

In the past decades the planet we live on has dramatically changed. Each day thousands of trees are being cut and many factories along with big industrial organizations are constantly polluting the environment with tonnes of Co2 and other harmful substances.

The Dendax team strongly believes that each person should consider his daily actions and try to be friendly to the planet in any way possible, for example by walking to work or using recycled paper. Part of our social responsibility involves two eco friendly programs:

“Get your tax refund with Dendax. Go Green Online!”

The main idea of the initiative is that we do not require our customers to fill in paper registration forms, consisting of more than 10 pages. Everything can be done completely online, which will save not only time and money, but tonnes of paper and hundreds of trees every year. With our online tax refund service and online processing, we save hundreds of packages of paper each month. With great regret however we do admit that it is almost impossible to use absolutely no paper and for this reason Dendax puts effort to use recycled paper wherever possible.

Recycling Initiative
Our team also strongly believes and supports the recycling initiative for the collection of different rubbish material. For this reason we have provided different kinds of recycle bins in our office.

We drive CNG cars

We use CNG cars for all business trips as they are more environmentally friendly then diesel or petrol cars.