Lowest Prices

To be competitive and meet our customers’ high expectations, we offer one of the lowest prices on the market!

Dendax can afford to offer these prices because of the development of new technologies that have been refined further through out the years. We have increased our working efficiency in order to shorten the time for which we process a single tax return. Our excellent organizational skills combined with an established quality control system helps us to minimize time and to charge a very competitive fee to our customers.

Although we have one of the lowest fees on the market, the price covers everything necessary, which enables Dendax to offer a quality tax refund service at a low cost:
  1. A free calculation for the refundable tax 
  2. Professional consultancy with a Certified Accountant and Tax Lawyer 
  3. Preparation and filing of your tax return 
  4. Tracking of your tax claim and constant contact between Dendax and the tax authorities 
  5. Free phone calls to Dendax – call us at any time if you have questions
  6. Live Chat and support available in several languages 
  7. A friendly attitude and regular updates on your refund status 

Dendax's price policy is based upon careful research of the competition and rising market trends, and best of all the fee is charged only if you receive a tax refund.

All fees we charge for the different tax refund countries are a percentage of the refund. Additional fees are charged only in the case a replacement of a missing document is needed. Transaction costs apply to all refunds.

Each client is free to choose the cheapest and most convenient option of withdrawal; the choice is yours!

Do not hesitate to ask our representatives for the cheapest way to receive your income tax refund. Simply visit the "contact us" section on our website and give us a call.