Easy Service

Since 1999! we have conducted regular research on market trends and customer expectations. Our customer support center has collected vast amounts of feedback from our customers and we are proud to say that we offer the easiest way for you to get your taxes back.
An easy, fast, and professional tax refund service in a few simple steps – this is our motto.
We offer complete online processing – free calculation of the estimated refund amount, an online registration form, and easy tracking of your refund status.

Tax Refund – Step by Step
Registering is the first step to get your income tax refund. Dendax tax specialists know that most of the people that have worked abroad are not familiar and feel unsure about the payment documents and tax forms. That is why we created a simple and easy online tax refund registration form with examples of tax returns and needed documents in order to facilitate the refund process.

User friendly online registration form
The tax refund registration form will take up to 8 minutes to complete. It will guide you through all the necessary steps until you finalize your tax rebate registration. During the registration our consultants will be available for online chat to help you and provide you instant support if you were to need it. In addition to this, tax help menus with information and examples are available at every step of the way to help you finish your tax refund application as quickly as possible.

Send documents with a single click
Dendax always tries to provide the best valued service by working with skillful tax specialists in order to facilitate the process. Our tax team has researched in detail the requirements of local tax offices, and for most countries you can simply send your documents online using our upload system or send them via e-mail. Some tax authorities however require the original documents, which would then have to be sent by the post to your nearest Dendax office.

Professional return processing and filing
Get your refund in two steps – just complete your tax application and send us the required documents. The Dendax team will take it from there and do all the work for you. Our experts will prepare your return and process it within 3 to 5 working days. After we have sent your return to the tax office, we will keep you constantly updated on your refund status for peace of mind.

Get your refund directly to your bank account
After we receive your refund check, we will cash it and transfer the refund amount directly to your bank account should you desire this method of payment. With us you do not need to waste the time or the money of cashing checks and waiting weeks to receive the money if you chose the bank account option as your preferred method of payment. Dendax tax consultants will take care of this and everything else for you!