Customer Service

Keeping customers happy should be of up most importance to any business as it is the key to success. Providing a good income tax refund service at a reasonable price is often not enough to set a business apart from its competitors, which is where many businesses fail. Businesses need to go the extra mile to keep customers happy and encourage them to return again.

Part of our Tax Refund Processing department is the Customer Support Center. The team working there consists of educated professionals with high motivation and a friendly attitude. Our customer service representatives speak a variety of languages: English, German, Russian, Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech and Polish. They have been especially trained in communication skills, tax refund specifics, needed documents for each country, terms and deadlines. Moreover, special training sessions and team building is regularly conducted for the Dendax customer support employees to maintain our customer service record.

Do not hesitate to contact our team should you have a question or want to be informed about the status of your refund. You can easily contact the Customer Support Center by starting a Live Chat, calling us for free, by emailing us or simply by calling our Skype number or visiting our Facebook page.
We look forward to hearing from you!