Biggest Tax Refunds

From the moment Dendax was founded in 1999, the company and its staff number has been growing steadily. Now we work alongside teams of accountants, tax experts, lawyers and tax consultants. We are also in partnership with an excellent Certified Public Accountant. Our colleagues are specially trained and have comprehensive knowledge on how to prepare your tax return as quickly as possible.

Dendax also works closely with the local tax refund offices and often organizes meetings with representatives of the tax offices of different countries to be up to date with relevant laws and legislations. Based on our experience and with the help of our Research and Development department, we can now guarantee the highest refund amount for our clients!

What does the highest tax refund mean?

Based on the statistics from the past three years, 93,7% of our clients claiming US overpaid tax get 100% of their taxes back. Whereas, 90% of our clients applying for income tax refund from other countries get back 100% of the taxes they paid abroad.

Our tax experts have comprehensive knowledge of the laws and requirements of the tax authorities and we are more than prepared to file your tax return correctly, accurately, and on time.

Moreover, we guarantee that we will refund the maximum amount of your taxes paid abroad. There are no upfront fees; you simply pay a small percentage of the tax refund amount to us for our service once we have received it in your behalf.