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Luxembourg - Allocations Familiales (Child benefit)

Allocations Familiales in Luxembourg for non-residents - Child benefits

If you have worked in Luxembourg as an expat you may apply to claim Luxembourg’s child benefits, namely Allocations Familiales.

In order to be entitled for the Allocations Familiales, you have to fulfill the following requirements:
  • You must work in Luxembourg and be compulsorily affiliated to the Joint Social Security Center
  • Your children must reside in a country of the European Union or with which Luxembourg has an agreement on social security*
  • The children's future allowance can be claimed for your biological and adoptive children
  • For temporary workers, the condition of affiliation must be fulfilled for each month (half of the month + 1 day)

*there are rules of priority between states provided for in European regulations. They apply differently if one of the parents works in Luxembourg while the other works in the children's country of residence or in another country outside Luxembourg. These rules determine whether you are entitled to all Luxembourg Allocations Familiales or a differential supplement. If you have any doubt on this or other regards, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What documents do you need to apply for Allocations Familiales in Luxembourg?
In order to apply for the Allocations Familiales in Luxembourg, you need to have the following documents:
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Certificate of Residence
  • Family composition (E401)
  • A bank account number

  • What is the maximum age of child?
    The maximum age is 18 years old or 25 if they study. 

    How many years back can I apply for child benefits?
    You can apply for 1 year back. 

    What is our fee?
    The price is 0 EUR
    Price does not include VAT.