Ireland Tax Refund

Income Tax refund from Ireland

Any individual who worked in Ireland is liable to pay income tax in respect to his/her total income. Employees pay tax under the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system which means that tax is deducted by the employer weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

Self-employed individuals (i.e. people running their own businesses), are responsible for paying their own tax through the Self Assessment system. Tax is paid at the standard rate of 20% up to the cut-off point. Any income over the cut-off point is taxed at the higher rate of 42%.
You can claim the refund up to 4 years back from the date of the application. 

During your stay in Ireland you must:
  • Apply for the Personal Public Service Number (PPS) at the Department of Social & Family Affairs
  • Notify your employer of your PPS Number once you have received the Public Service Number

What is a P45 form?

You will receive a P45 from your employer when you leave the employment. It includes your total earnings and paid taxes. You may need it for the following:
  • Claiming a tax refund or tax allowance during unemployment
  • Claiming Social Welfare Benefits
  • To give to your new employer to avoid paying emergency tax.

What is a P60 form?

The P60 form is issued by an employer to an employee certifying details of an employee's Pay, Tax and PRSI contributions for the tax year. The form must be issued to all employees with employment at the end of the tax year / before the 1st of June following the end of the tax year. From the 2010-11 tax year onwards a form P60 can be provided, paper or electronic.

What is a PPS Number?

The PPS Personal Public Service number is stated on the top of the P45 and P60 form. It is there to identify the taxpayer.

What is the PRSI?

This is the social insurance tax. For EU countries it is unfortunately not refundable

How long does it take to get the refund?

On average, it takes 10-12 weeks from the time your documents are sent to the Tax Authorities, the actual time may vary on case by case basis.

How much is the service fee?

The price is 9% from the refunded amount. There is a minimum fee of 42 EUR.
The price does not include VAT or bank charges!