Germany - Child benefit - Kindergeld

Child Benefits from Germany

Our clients can also apply with us for child benefits from Germany. In a case when clients have applied on their own we can provide them excellent consultation service as well. Just about any taxpayer living in Germany with children can get the Kindergeld, whether employed, self employed or independent. Why would you not apply for your children's benefits?

Who can get child benefits from Germany?

All citizens of European Union, Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Algeria, Kosovo, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey. Parents are entitled to family allowance if their centre of life is in Germany and their child (which can also be an adopted child, a foster child, a stepchild) lives together with them in the same household.

How much money can I get?


From July 2019
for 1st and 2nd child
194 Euro
for 1st and 2nd child
204 Euro
for 3rd child
200 Euro
for 3rd child
210 Euro
for every next 
225 EUR
for every next 
235 EUR

What is the maximum age of child?

Maximum age is 18, though it can continue until they are 25 if they are still in school.

How many years back can I apply for child benefits?

You can apply for the last 6 months.

How long does it take to get child benefits?

On average it takes from 6 to 9 months.

What is our fee?

125 EUR 

Price does not include VAT or bank charges!