Canada Tax Refund

Income Tax Refund from Canada

Under Canadian Income Tax Act, non-residents in Canada may be subject to a tax on certain sources of income earned there.
Income taxed under Part I is subject to taxation at a rate similar to those that are applied to Canadian residents. In addition to completing the taxed income, certain applicable expenses may be applied. Generally, a non-resident will only be subject to tax under Part I on the following sources of income:
  • Income from employment in Canada
  • Income from carrying out a business in Canada
  • Taxable capital gains from the disposition of "taxable Canadian property"

A non-resident liable for tax under Part I must file the applicable Canadian tax return.

The tax rates that apply to non-resident individuals vary from 16 to 29% of their income.

In general, a non-resident will only be subject to taxation on income derived from employment in that province, or from carrying out a business through a permanent establishment in that province. However, in certain cases, provincial taxes may apply to taxable capital gains earned by a non-resident.

What taxes can be refunded?

Income tax is the only refundable tax.

How many years back can I apply for a tax refund?

You will be happy to know that you can claim a tax refund from Canada up to 4 years back from the date of the application.

What is a T4 form?

This is the Canadian annual statement of earnings issued at the end of the tax year

What is the SIN?

The Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit number that is personal and confidential. The Canadian Tax authorities use it to identify each person for income tax purposes.
The Canadian Tax Office issues a SIN card, which should be kept in a safe place. We can't organize a replacement of the SIN card, please contact your local Tax office for a replacement.

What documents do I need in order to apply for a tax refund?

  • T4 Statement of Remuneration
  • A copy of your visa if necessary

What is average refund amount from Canada?

The average refund amount from Canada is 950 CAD!

How long does it take to get a tax refund?

On average it may take up to 4 months to get the tax refund, from the moment your documents are received by the Tax Office.

How much is the service fee?

The price is 10% from the refunded amount. There is a minimum fee of 58 CAD.
The price does not include VAT or bank charges!